Here are some ideas of menus we have created in the past to give you a sense of what we can create. We work with local farmers, purveyors, and artisans to source our ingredients, so items will change with the season. We believe in supporting our community, and that food tastes better when it is grown or made by friends.


Sample Dinner Menu

This is a sample dinner menu for an event. All breads are freshly baked and all pastas are hand-rolled. Appetizers could also be arranged as hors d'oeuvres at an event or gathering. Looking for something more casual? Check out our sample lunch menu below or contact us for more ideas. (Click photo to enlarge)


Sample Lunch Menu

This is a sample lunch menu that would be great for an office meeting or casual work event. Soft Bun Patty melts are made on fresh baked brioche buns, and tortillas are hand-pressed. All of our pastries are made from flour stone ground. Chose a variety of pastries for an office meeting, or center the meal around breakfast sandwiches for a brunch event (Click photo to enlarge)


Sample Pop-up Menu

We have a unique style of tasting menu meets family style service. This gives you the opportunity to taste more food and experience more of the chefs cooking at the same pace of a regular dining event. (Click photo to enlarge)